Friday, October 3, 2008


For the next 54 days, I am going to follow Michael Pollans philosophy of food.
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
I am doing this because I am inspired. Inspired by this woman's blog:
She has a wonderful idea... but a limited palette. Hopefully we can banter back and forth good ideas and recipes that both of our great grandmothers would recognise. ;)
Today so far, I have had a Delicata Squash, cooked in it's skin with the seeds in, in some salt and topped with brown sugar. Baked at 400* last night for 45minutes. The skin is eaten, the seeds are not.
Oh and I scored a tomtato out of my garden basket of saucing tomatoes.


yubicc said...

Hey there! Thanks for the hat tip- my menu is a bit sad eh? Hopefully we can trade long as I dont have to cook them. :)

BTW Day 6 was a total outlier! The rest of the days are better!

by Val said...

It is true. The rest of the days are better. :)

Cooking huh? An issue with cooking. Hmmmmm....